Product Name: PI00191

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Product Information:
Gender Unisex
Frame Materials Plastic
Frame Styles Full Frame
Lens Types Single Vision
Shape Rectangle

Enter Prescription:

 Sphere (SPH) Sphere (SPH) Refers to the amount of refractive error of the eye with a single convergent or divergent refractive power in all meridians, measured in quarters and proceeded by a (+) or (-).  Cylinder (CYL) CYL (Cylinder) Refers to astigmatic refractive error of the eye by adding or subtracting power cylindrically in a meridian specified by the prescribed axis, measured in quarters and proceeded by a (+) or (-). Axis AXIS Indicates the angle in degrees of one of two major meridians the prescribed cylindrical power is in, measured in degrees 1 to 180. Addition (near) ADD Addition (near) ADD Meaning Near Vision is used for multifocal or reading correction, measured in quarters. This power for bifocal or progressive lenses enlarges immediate vision and is therefore always indicated by a positive sign (+).
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)

Lens Thickness Lenses with higher index numbers are thinner and sometimes lighter.

Eye/Lens Protection
Anti-Scratch Anti-scratch coating will prevent minor scratches that can appear on lens due to wear and tear. The coating is applied to the surface of the lens and makes the lens more durable and keeps your vision clear and accurate.FREE
UV Protection UV Coating is an effective coating that prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from reaching your eyes. These lenses are similar to a UV sunscreen, and reduce the affect these rays can have on your eyes.FREE
Anti-Reflective Glare can be irritating and even prove to be dangerous when you are driving or performing any other activity. The Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective coating reduces the glare and makes it easier for the person to see even in bright light. +$4.95

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