About Us

New York based OpticalNext is the perfect destination when you need high quality glasses that give the best value for your money. Our mission is to ensure that world class eye wear is accessible and affordable to all. We have earned the appreciation and loyalty of innumerable customers as reliable online retailers.

We firmly believe that our happy customers can give us the best and most effective advertising possible. That is why we focus all our energies on bringing you the most advanced optical materials manufactured using the latest processes so that you get impeccable quality. Since our optical products come straight to your doorstep from our factory, we eliminate the need for advertising, middlemen or storage space overheads. All of these savings reflect in the budget pricing we offer.

At OpticalNext, our entire business strategy is to keep your needs in mind at every stage of the design, manufacturing and distribution process. This approach allows us to bring you the widest possible selection of prescription eye glasses combined with a user friendly purchase process to make it possible for everyone to buy affordable eye wear right from home!