Why OpticalNext?

Best Prescription Accuracy and Quality Guaranteed

OpticalNext uses the latest manufacturing techniques, and our lens lab is made up of highly skilled and well-trained ophthalmic technicians.

At OpticalNext we uphold a high standard of quality that translates into constant quality control checks on every one of our frame products. Our commitment to providing our customers with the best-assembled spectacles means that you benefit from eye-wear of the highest quality at the most affordable rates.

Super Saver!

Why would you choose to pay in excess of $200 for a pair of spectacles, when you can save so much more while retaining quality?

The cost of increasingly high overhead costs, as a consequence of staffing and having physical store locations, is inevitably saddled onto the customer. Typically, these costs can translate into margins in excess of 100% on spectacles sold in the United States. As a result of this, customers end up paying more than $200 for a pair of spectacles.

Since our business model is based primarily on a number of cost-reduction measures, OpticalNext is able to sell a range of eye wear at between 30 and 50 percent of in-store prices.

Free Gifts with Your Orders

Free Anti-Scratch Coating, Cleaning Cloth, and Case with Each Order

When you purchase a pair of spectacles at OpticalNext, your glasses will be protected with a free scratch-resistant coating feature that would otherwise cost you approximately $30 to $50 at any local optician. The multilayer hard coating is extremely durable and is applied all around the frame of your piece of eye wear. The coating will protect your spectacles from any minor scratches that could happen on a day-to-day basis.

Our eye wear products also come with a number of accessories, most notably a premium eyeglass case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The cloths will ensure that you are able to keep your glasses clean throughout the day as well as throughout its shelf-life.