Vision Ergonomics: Here is How to Make Your Workspace Healthy for Your Eyes

1 out of 4 people spends about 8 hours a day sitting at their workplace. This sitting period is not entirely good for your body. It can cause many problems unless you take certain steps to ensure your body stays healthy.

Too much sitting is accompanied by too much, staring into a screen, which can be disastrous for your eyes in the long run. Not only can this cause common eye problems, but it can lead to something serious too. Therefore, to give your body the importance that it deserves, certain steps can be taken at your workplace. We all know no line of work is accompanied without the use of a digital screen nowadays. But fortunately, this is not the end of the track for our health. Here are a few tips to make your workplace healthy for your eyes.

  1. Sit as Far from the Screen as Possible
    Positioning your computer in the right place can be highly beneficial for your eyes. Place your computer screen at least 20-25 inches away from your eyes. You can use one arm’s distance to measure it. This will minimize the possibility of getting eye strain. Try this once, and you'll notice the difference of tension in your eyes yourself.
  2. Take Breaks Every Once in a While
    Do not stare into the screen for hours straight! Your eyes need rest just as the other parts of your body do. Be sure to take a break every once in a while. Get up from your chair and do some muscle stretching. If your workplace has a window with a nice view, go see it after every 30 minutes at least. This will refresh your entire body, including your eyes.
  3. Adjust the Text Size
    If placing your computer far from your eyes is making you squinch your eyes, then do not hesitate to adjust the layout as per your needs. Change the text size on your computer and make it huge, so you can see it clearly from a distance of 20-25 inches away. Consider keeping the brightness to a suitable level as well.
  4. Try Going for Anti-Blue Light Specs
    Even if you do not wear prescription glasses, you can wear special anti-blue light glasses to protect your eyes from harmful light rays. The blue light that emerges from the screens we are surrounded by today is not healthy for our eyes. This tip is highly recommended for people who spend a good deal of time in front of computer screens.
  5. Make Your Room Bright
    Common eye issues such as eyestrain, dryness, or wetness occur when the screen you’re staring at is brighter than your surrounding environment. This should be avoided. Make your room brighter so that your eyes do not have to adjust to a dimly lit environment every time you look away from the screen.


Your eyes are an asset of which you cannot afford to lose the value. If you're one of those people who spend a lot of time in front of screens, then your eyes are likely to go through common issues such as fatigue, redness, or dryness. Therefore, keep visiting your optometrist after every 3-4 months to ensure your eye health is all good.