How To Clean Eyeglasses That Are Cloudy?

Are your eyeglasses cloudy? As anyone who has worn eyeglasses before can tell you, cloudy eyeglasses are one of the most common and certainly the most annoying problem that many eyeglasses wearers face on a daily basis. It seems like no matter what you do, your glasses simply cloud up—especially when you’re out and about and don’t have any cleaning supplies on hand. If you want to know the best way to clean your eyeglasses that are cloudy, consider the following guide that will have your eyeglasses looking clean and clear as new.

Causes of Cloudy Eyeglasses

First, let’s take a short look at what makes eyeglasses cloudy. The most common culprit is the build-up of debris over the day; debris such as dust, dirt, as well as skin oil and skin flakes can create a layer of debris which turns into cloudiness on your eyeglasses lenses.

Other causes can include exposure to the elements, such as smoke; or exposure to debris inside a purse or pocket, if the eyeglasses were put inside without anything to protect them.

Ways to Clean Cloudy Eyeglasses

There are several ways you can clean cloudy eyeglasses. The primary two things you’ll need to consider are what material you will be cleaning the eyeglasses with and the cleaner you will use.

Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth

The best type of material to clean your eyeglasses with are soft, clean microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths are ideal because they won’t scratch the eyeglasses lenses and they are easy to clean when they get dirty. Look for microfiber cloths designed for eyeglasses for the best results, as these will be especially soft and ideal for using on your lenses without scratching them.

You can also use other soft cloths that are designed to be used with eyeglasses. Many of these cloths come bundled with eyeglass cleaner for convenience.

Use the right type of cleaner

There are two solid options when it comes to cleaning cloudy lenses: eyeglass cleaner and dish soap/water combination. Eyeglass cleaner can be purchased just about anywhere and is specifically designed for eyeglass lenses. Dish soap and water, of course, you can find in any household.

If you do plan on using an eyeglass cleaner, the way to clean your cloudy lenses is simple: spray on the cleaner then gently wipe it away with your microfiber cloth or your soft cloth until the lens is clean and dry.

If you want to use dish soap, run a low tap (don’t turn it on full blast) and get your lenses wet. Then dab a few drops of dish soap onto your glasses and use a soft cloth to gently rub around to clean the lenses. Then gently run your glasses under a low tap and leave them to dry.

If you want to help prevent constant cloudy eyeglasses, make sure you purchase an eyeglass case and carry it with you. Keeping your glasses in a case at night or when not in use can go a long way to preventing thick debris build-up.