Best Eyeglasses For Heart Shaped Face

You have probably already heard people giving advice for eyeglasses frames depending on your face shape; but what are the best eyeglasses if you have a heart shaped face? This short yet essential guide will help you pick out the very best eyeglasses for your heart shaped face.

Do You Have a Heart Shaped Face?

First, you need to determine if you actually have a heart shaped face in the first place! The best way to determine this is to look in the mirror and carefully trace the outline of your face with your fingers. If you have a heart shaped face, then your face will be widest at the forehead, with high cheekbones, and your face will gradually taper down towards a narrow chin. Your face can be full or narrow with a heart shaped face—the key is to look at the overall shape rather than one element on its own.

If you have a heart shaped face, then read on to find out the best eyeglasses for your face.

Best Glasses for a Heart Shaped Face

Thankfully, there are many eyeglasses shapes that are perfect and flattering for someone with a heart shaped face. The following are the most flattering styles you can choose from.


Oval frames look great on a heart shaped face due to the high cheekbones that are typically present. Look for oval frames that aren’t too small or too narrow—this will depend on the overall width of your face, which can vary from person to person, despite them all having a heart shaped face.


Because heart shaped faces tend to be wider at the forehead, this sometimes creates a “too big” effect with heavily rimmed glasses. To counteract this, consider rimless or semi rimless glasses, which will help flatter your face.


This type of tapered eyeglasses frames are perfect for hear shaped faces because they tend to be wider at the bottom then at the top, which mimics the look of a heart shape face and reduces the overall impact of a wider forehead.


Rectangular eyeglasses are ideal for a heart shaped face because they help balance out the heart shape. You do want to avoid rectangular eyeglasses frames that are too thick or heavy however, because this will create an unbalanced look.

Other Tips

In general, with you have a heart shape face; you will want to follow some basic eyeglass frame guidelines to keep the shape as flattering as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid frames that are made from thick, heavy materials; for instance, avoid very thick plastic frames, as this will look top heavy with your face shape.

You should also avoid eyeglasses that have extremely large round shapes, such as oversized aviator-style glasses. This will make your appearance too top heavy and will clash with the wider forehead found in heart shaped faces.

As for color, one of the great things about heart shaped faces is that they look great with any color—so have fun and experiment!