Our eyes are delicate and highly fragile parts of our body. They are programmed to shut within a microsecond if they see any sort of danger coming at them. Unfortunately, this protective programming does not have much of a role in guarding your eyes during sports.

In sports, situations are tough. Your eyes are highly likely to be damaged in physical games. Be it basketball or soccer, your eyes need protection during sports time just as your other body parts do. Therefore, it is important for us to learn a few basics regarding eye safety in sports. In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about the importance of eye safety in sports.

Why Does Eye Protection Matter in Sports?

Eye injuries in sports are one of the top reasons behind blindness. Studies have shown us that more than 75% of these eye injuries could have been prevented if the victim had protective eyewear. As we mentioned above, our eyes are highly sensitive parts of our body. We must take necessary precautions to ensure their protection if we want them to function properly for a lifetime. A simple softball hit can leave your eye with permanent damages depending on the impact. Therefore, we must give eyewear safety in sports the attention that it deserves. So, what can you do to make sure you and your loved ones’ eyes stay safe in sports? Here are some valuable tips!

Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries

  • Always comply with the rules and regulations of a sport regarding protective gear. For example, some games such as cricket require players to wear protective helmets.
  • Use of faulty or broken equipment during the play should be strictly prohibited. Check every piece of equipment is safe before playing.
  • Players should keep a first aid kit in case of any emergencies during sports activities. Doing so will not just prevent eye injuries, but will also help deal with other injuries.
  • Young children should always be playing under the supervision of an adult. As for grownups, the presence of a professional player is advised.
  • Educating players is important. Newbie players are more likely to injure themselves trying to figure out the game. Players with experience must let beginners know how to handle equipment properly that may potentially be a cause of an injury.
  • In sports where the use of impactful equipment is high, players should always wear protective eyewear. Preferably polycarbonate goggles to save their eyes from injuries.
  • In the case of a direct blow to the eye, gently put on a soft cloth over the eye to stop it from swelling. If the blow is too intense, seek medical assistance immediately.


Eye safety in sports is just as important as sports safety in general. Your eyes play a highly important role in your life. Value and take care of them. With this, our article comes to an end. We hope you’ll opt for protective eyewear every time now before attending sports activities.