How to Get Rid of Your Fogged-Up Lenses

One of the most annoying parts of having to wear spectacles is fogged up lenses. The worst part is when it happens while you’re doing something important. This year, we noticed this started happening to almost everyone who wears glasses.

Due to the pandemic, masks have been causing flogged up lenses the entire year and very few people know how to deal with foggy lenses. That is why we have brought to you some simple tips that take little to no time and would help you prevent fogged up lenses. But before we get to that, let us address the cause of this issue.

What Causes Foggy Lenses

Foggy lenses are caused due to a change in environment. For example, when your body’s temperature is more than it should be (compared to the surrounding temperature), then fog might build up on your lenses. Moist makes its way to the glasses and causes fog. This happens often in daily life activities such as cooking, drinking coffee, showering, exercising, getting into a car, and while wearing a mask.

How to Deal with Foggy Lenses

Preventing fog to build upon your lenses is better than constantly cleaning them with a dry cloth. Therefore, the tips listed below are proven to be effective against battling fogged up lenses.

  1. Soap and Water. Soap and water can leave a protective film on your glasses that do not let fog from building up on your lenses. This technique is proven to be the far most successful one.
  2. Shaving Cream. Similar to bar soap and water, shaving cream also puts a layer of protection on your lenses. Simply apply it on both lenses and wash off with water. Let it air dry and wear your glasses with no troubles.
  3. A slice of raw potato just might do the job if all else fails. The starch in potatoes offers resistance from moist building up. Therefore, rubbing a slice on your lenses can get you a fog-free day.
  4. Choose the right glasses. Glasses that sit too tight on your face won’t let air cross. Make sure you buy a good fit that sits on your nose just the right distance away. Moreover, you can also go for anti-fog glasses.
  5. Don’t let the heat get to you. Avoid overdressing your face or neck. The more open you leave your body; the more air gets across; the less fog builds up.
  6. Anti-fog Wipes. The last option you have is a bit heavy on the pocket but does the job. Cleaning your lenses with an anti-fog wipe might get you the optimal solution that you’re looking for.


So, those were our top tricks to effectively prevent glasses from fogging up. The truth is that having four-eyes does not come without some cons. You’ll either have to get used to the problems people with glasses face, or step up and do your best to solve the solution yourself.