What Are The Steps To Adjust Your Eyeglasses?

Have you ever been in a situation where you ordered a bunch of glasses for yourself with a unique style of frame and a size that was perfectly suitable for your face? In this same hypothetical situation, you end up receiving the mail for these pairs of glasses soon enough and decide to try them on, except there's an issue. Your glasses are completely crooked.

Suppose you’re someone who's going through or facing this issue, not to worry. We’re here to help you and give you tips on adjusting your glasses so that they would fit your face perfectly, without being crooked.

This will be quite convenient for you as compared to the olden times, where people would have to pay a hefty sum to their local optician just so that their crooked glasses would be wearable. But in an age where D-I-Y projects are quite hot, it's quite simple to adjust your crooked glasses by following the instructions given below.

Most individuals might have one particular fear in mind: what if their frame ends up breaking during this process. There’s nothing to worry about, however. All eyeglasses frames can withstand some sort of bending, which allows users to properly adjust them without having to discard them and buy new pairs of glasses altogether.

Problems with Your Eyeglasses

  • Your glasses sit too low on the bridge of your nose

Solution: Wire framed glasses can be fixed simply by pushing the eyeglasses' nose pads close together by using your thumbs. This will allow the nose pads to fit properly against the sides of your nose. Plastic framed glasses can be fixed by dipping and placing the eyeglasses in warm water for at least 30-60 seconds. After this, with great care, apply pressure on the inward area of the frames, as well as the downward part, so that your eyeglasses will no longer be crooked and fit properly.


  • Your eyeglasses pinch your nose

Solution: You can fix your wire-framed glasses by gently spreading apart the nose pads by using your thumbs until they fit perfectly and are comfortable on your nose. For eyeglasses with plastic frames, soak the glasses in warm water for 60 seconds, and then gently apply pressure in an outward and upward manner until your glasses are snug on your temples and don't pinch your nose.

  • The level of your lenses is not equal

Solution: In instances where one of the lenses in your glasses is not at the same level as the other lens, simply bend your glass at its most adjustable point. This could either be at the ear area or the hinge of the glasses. When the left lens is higher than the right lens, the right temple arm should be bent, and vice versa.

  • One lens of your glasses is closer to your eye than the other

Solution: If your right lens is closer to your eye than the left lens, apply pressure, and bend the right temple arm of your glasses in. An optional step could be bending the left temple arm outwards as well. A similar procedure can be carried out if your left lens is closer by bending the left temple arm inwards while simultaneously bending the right temple arm outwards.