5 of the biggest trends for women’s eyewear

Fashion doesn’t begin from the neck down. If you are an eyeglass wearer, your lenses can convey so much more than just your prescription, they can showcase your personal style.

On catwalks earlier this year we saw a huge range of shapes, colors and patterns, but a few key themes emerged. 2019 is all about simplistic yet bold designs, with a playful use of color alongside crisp, clean lines. Most designers kept things light and bright, with pastel tones and thinner frames taking center stage.

Read on for the styles we’re predicting will dominate this year.

Clear frames
Clear frames are on the rise in 2019. No matter the shape or thickness, it seems you cannot go wrong with these see-through rims. If completely clear is a little too plain for you, don’t fear. Slightly tinted frames were also hugely prevalent, still maintaining a degree of transparency.  Insider tip: Keep makeup fresh and minimal when rocking these styles, and add mini-pops of color with lipstick or nail polish.

Coral tones
Not only was it announced as Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’, coral is cropping up on the glasses circuit. A step forward from millennial pink, this blush tone adds a level of sophistication to the hue, and fits in well with other pastel shades. Coral shades weren’t limited to just frames either, with 70s-style  tinted lenses making a huge comeback. This year it seems we really can start looking at the world through rose colored glasses.

Geometric shapes
Pentagons, hexagons, you name it and there is a shade that fits. Geometric lens styles were all over the catwalks at Fashion Weeks across the globe. In 2019 don’t stick with the status quo, take this as your cue to push the boundaries with something a little more out-of-the-ordinary than your usual cat-eye frames.

Many designers demonstrated a heavy influence from the sporting world, with elements like blue lenses and reflective visors making appearances on catwalks. Even if you aren’t hitting the slopes, you can jump in on the athleisure trend by incorporating a sports angle into your eyewear choices this year.

Despite many differences in lens shape and color, one thing that was extremely recurrent at shows this year was the use of acrylics. While metal frames and aviator styles were sometimes seen, acrylic frames were the star of the show this year. Within this, there were options for everyone; either incorporating the clear or tinted opaque lenses mentioned previously, or using solid colours and bold patterns.

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