Making Your Glasses as a Fashion Statement!

Want to give yourself a makeover? Glasses make for a great accessory that can give your personality a refreshing change without actually changing anything. Glasses have evolved, just like people and have transformed from a necessity to a fashion statement.

Celebrities, politicians and models everyone is donning this accessory and are turning heads. The best thing? You don't require a prescription to get one. It's an area where the form is preferred over function, and people like to experiment with polarizing frame styles.

Shifting Trends –Perfecting Style

The trend regarding glasses keeps on changing, and people like switching between different styles. What stays the same, however, is the constant demand. Used heavily in Japanese anime, glasses have always attracted attention from those who don't need it. That doesn't make it unnecessary attention, as the sales have always shown an upward trajectory.

This fashion necessity also defines the way others perceive you. Try a circular frame, and you'll be giving yourself a nerdy makeover; go frameless, and you have the sophistication of a psychiatrist. Dress up for the day with glasses of your choice; it has become as important as a watch these days.

Going to Buy One? Here’s Some Advice!

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment.

If there’s something for sure about fashion, it’s the volatility. A thing is in fashion one day and is totally outdated the next. Don’t be afraid to send out a bold statement and shuffle up things a bit.

Make the most out of your beloved accessory by switching between glasses according to the occasion. Going to the beach? A camo pattern glasses can turn heads there but would look totally out of place, say, a funeral.

As you buy new glasses for a new occasion or for new attire, you’ll slowly be building your inventory. Just like shoes and watches, glasses are becoming an indispensable commodity. They can be great conversation starters and ice breakers. Moreover, they can also be used to change the way people perceive what you say and how they welcome you.

Just make sure you are comfortable with what you wear because, at the end of the day, it’s an accessory, not a liability.

Embrace the Limelight

You are going to step into the limelight when you switch between glasses and get praise from everyone. It can be a problem if you’re not that used to the attention. It's a matter of personal choice; actually, some embrace unusual shaped glasses, and others prefer to keep it simple and like to play with the colours only.

Make a bold statement with some great options on the market and dress to impress. Glasses can leave a lasting impression and can even prove great for interviews and other first time interactions, be it a blind date or a business meeting.

So what glasses do you prefer?