Eyewear Horoscope: Wearing Gemini Power Color

Geminis are loved everywhere they go. That may be because of your lovable nature or because of your exceptional emotional intelligence. Either way, Gemini knows how to take control of their emotions and of those around them.

Being an air sign, you're always open to learning, excel at communication, and have an excellent thought process. The twin symbol shows how your strong logic can keep emotions at bay when making a decision.

Did you know that most of the Nobel Prize winners are Geminis?

Wear your sign with pride and bring out the best in you.


  • Spontaneous, Communicative, Witty, Curious, Clever
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Symbol: The Twins

Your charismatic personality is complemented by your intelligence and excellent communicative skills. Your communication and logical advice make everyone love you. The air element gives you that live and let live mentality, and your strengths make sure you excel at it.

Did you know Yellow is the most powerful colour for Geminis?

Wearing the Power

The natural charisma and power of the Gemini sign is showcased in the vibrant yellow colour. Your spontaneity and never-ending curiosity is perfectly shown by the colour of the sunlight. Wearing YOUR COLOR will make you even more confident, and it surely will compliment your personality in style.

How can you wear the colour such that it goes with your personality while also blending in? Where it stands out to the curious eye and makes a statement even before you say something. A glasses!

Glasses are the perfect way to send out a positive statement without even making one. We know with your curious nature, it can be hard to keep attention in one place for a long time, but with your colour glasses, you'll feel confident and wear fashion in style. If yellow is a bit too much for you to wear in glasses, we suggest you go for a clear one with yellow accents.

Don’t fancy stark yellows? While yellow sends out the perfect message about your fearless shine, a clear frame is the best of both worlds. It is non-intrusive and draws minimal attention so that you get the chance of basking in the praise and attention. A clear frame focuses on the attention of people to the thing that's important, YOU!

Mix things up with a combination of clear, yellow, magentas and oranges. You can also adjust your whole attire to suit your accessories. You could try yellow in the attire and a clear frame, or on someday, a yellow frame with some contrasting clothes.

So whether you need to wear glasses or not, wear one and make it your style statement; a clear frame with yellow accents or a yellow one, if you can handle the attention, will go a long way in bringing out the best in you because we know you revel in attention and interactions.

Be bold and keep things interesting!