Eyewear Horoscope: Wearing Cancer Power Color

With all the variety of eyewear to choose from, turning to the stars might be a good idea to decide which frame will suit you best. Each star has an entirely unique taste even in terms of fashion and accessories because it helps them express their personality or brings along luck.

Cancers are known to be very sentimental and sensitive but also highly intuitive. They can walk into a room and immediately recognize the energy given off by a person. Ruled by the moon, cancers have a rather sophisticated choice in eyewear. Cancers tend to be on the nerd side, so a good choice of eyewear would go along with their personality. Their power color is white.

Round Eye Glasses

Minimalism never runs out of fashion. A pair of round eyeglasses with metallic sides will give into cancer’s extremely intuitive and mysterious personality. Turn these simple lines into a perfect design for your daily eyewear.

Sky Blue Wayfarer

Aesthetics are a cancer thing. They would go for something pleasant to the eyes but not too trendy. This would make them stand apart from the crowd. Wayfarers in the shade of sky blue will resonate with your element; water.

Vintage Grey Cat Eye

Cool silvers and grey seem to summarize cancer’s attachments with the moon. Considering cancers are very emotional, they would like to stick to the classics and vintage picks. The vintage grey cat-eye frame will certainly let the nostalgia kick in.


Your eyewear is supposed to reflect your smarter side. Thus this more functional than trendy pair of rimless round glasses would give off vibes of your elegant and sophisticated personality. Rimless glasses would not be too distracting from your personality and outlook.

White Brow Line Glasses

This semi-rimless retro frame is guaranteed to bring back all the 1950s nostalgia. While cancers are attached to the retro classics, the browline glasses in cancer’s power color, white, will look perfect.


Choosing eyewear might be a difficult option, but you can always rely on your horoscope. With these choices given above, any cancer can easily pick a pair of frames that reflect their sophisticated personality.