How Do You Know What Size Glasses You Wear?

If you have ever been fitted for a pair of glasses, then you know that having the right fit and size is important in order for your glasses to look great, feel great and help improve your vision to the best of their ability. But how do you know what size glasses you wear? Let’s take a closer look at why knowing your glasses size is important and how to find the proper size for your glasses.

Importance of the Right Fit for Your Glasses

It’s important for your glasses to be properly fitted with the right size for many reasons. The most important reasons why you need to have the right fit for your glasses include:
Security. If you want to make sure that your glasses don’t fall off and risk becoming damaged from the fall or getting stepped on, then the fit needs to be secure enough that your glasses won’t slide off your face.

Vision. If your glasses don’t fit properly, this can actually impact your vision. This is due to the fact that improperly fitting glasses don’t allow your eyes to rest in front of the focal point of the glasses, which can impact how well they correct your vision.

Style. Glasses that are too loose or too tight will not look aesthetically pleasing. If you want to look your best while wearing your glasses, you’ll need to have the right size.
Thankfully, eyeglass sizes are relatively standardized so once you know the right size for your glasses you will be able to keep this in mind when shopping for new pairs of frames.

How to Find Out Your Glasses Size

In order to find out your glasses size, then you will need to understand how glass sizes are measured in the first place.

Glasses are measured with three primary measurements: The lens diameter, the bridge width, and the length of the size.

The lens diameter measurement refers to the overall width of the lens as measured from the bridge of the glasses. Lens diameter will vary depending on the style of the frame.

The bridge width measurement refers to the overall width of the bridge, which is the gap that occurs above your nose and between each of the lenses. The bridge width is important because an improperly fitting bridge width can pinch your nose or cause the glasses to become loose.

The length of the size measurement refers to the length of each glasses side. Most glasses have one of three standardized side measurements: 135, 14 or 145 mm long.

All of these measurements are taken in mm, which is the standardized measurement for all eyeglass sizes.

Once you know which measurements are important for your glasses size, you will have a much easier time finding the right size for your face. Once you know the right size, you can even ask your local eyeglasses provider for recommendations based on the size that fits your face shape and size the best!