How to Tell If Your Glasses are too small for Your Head?

Have you ever wondered if your glasses are actually the right size? The truth is that many people wear glasses that are simply too small for their heads; wearing glasses that are too small can be uncomfortable and even impact your vision. The following guide will help you understand how to tell if your glasses are too small for your head.

Your glasses are uncomfortable to wear

If your glasses feel uncomfortable when you wear them, this is a sign that your glasses are actually too small for your head. Your glasses should feel comfortable and practically weightless, so if they feel compressed, tight or generally uncomfortable in any way, it is likely that they aren’t the right fit.

Your glasses leave imprints on your skin

If you find that the sides, bridge or even exterior lenses of your glasses are leaving imprints on your skin, then this is a sign that they are simply too small for your head. It is possible for certain materials to leave imprints more often than others—such as metal-based nose pads—but even plastic can leave imprints if the frames are too small or tight on your face. You should check any area of your skin where the glasses rest, such as the sides of your face and the sides of your nose, to make sure they aren’t leaving imprints.

Your eyes don’t align with the focal point of the lens

If you find that your vision isn’t quite right with your new glasses, even though you have had the prescription checked for accuracy, it is possible that that your glasses are too small for your face. This can cause some misalignment between your eyes and the focal point of the lens. This type of misalignment can cause various types of vision distortion, including but not limited to: dizziness, fishbowl effect, depth perception problems as well as a general sense of movement in your vision as you look around. If you find that your glasses seem to be stuck in ‘adjustment’ mode even weeks after wearing them, it is possible that the fit is too small.

Your glasses give you headaches

This is one of the more uncommon signs of glasses that are too small, but it does happen—especially if you put up with frame that are too small for a long period of time. If you find that wearing your glasses is giving you a headache, it is possible that the frames are too small. The headache can be caused in this case by a few primary factors, including the compression of the frames causing a tension headache as well as vision distortion caused by small frames causing a subsequent headache. In either case, if you are getting headaches and you suspect that your glasses are the culprit, bring them in to your eye doctor to have the fit checked.

Remember, if you notice any of the signs that your glasses are too small, have them checked and corrected ASAP.