Why Do Your Glasses Give You Headaches When You Wear Them?

Frequent headaches are often a sign that you need to your eyes check to see if you need glasses to correct a problem with your eye sight. Ironically there are also some cases, when wearing your glasses can give you headache as well. Here are some reasons why you may suffer from headaches when wearing your glasses.

Your Prescription needs to be changed

Your eye sight can change over time even when wearing prescription glasses, which is why you need to have your eyes checked every couple of years. If you are an eye glass wearer and have begun experiencing frequent headaches then it may be time to have your eyes re-examined and your prescription changed to meet you current needs.

Your Prescription is wrong

In some rare cases, mistakes are actually made with your eye glass prescription resulting in you purchasing glasses that are either too weak or too strong for what you actually need. The wrong eye glass prescription can result in headaches because they strain your eyes just as much as having no eyeglasses at all.

If you have new eyeglasses and are suffering from headaches you may want to have your eyes and prescription rechecked to determine if a mistake was made in your prescription and if it has been then you will need to get prescription correctly.

Spending Time on a Computer

If you are near sighted and are spending long hours on the computer and doing a lot of reading, you may experience a headache from your glasses, since glasses for people who are near sighted are designed for closer reading than you normally sit from a computer screen. This causes you to strain your eyes when trying to read the computer screen.

In some cases, getting anti-reflective lenses for you eye glasses can help to reduce some of the glare and help to alleviate those headaches.

Another thing you can do is for every twenty minutes you spend looking at a computer screen you need to look away from the screen to an object that is 20 feet away for at least twenty seconds. This will let you refocus your eyes and relieve some of that eye strain from your glasses for near sightedness.

Fitting Eye Glass Frames

If you eye glass frames don't fit your face correctly this can also result in headaches. If the frames of your eyeglasses pinch the bridge of your nose, or press against your temples this can result in headaches after wearing your glasses for several hours a day.

Adjusting your glass frames or having them adjusted by a professional can ease the pressure that is causing the headaches.

If you are suffering from headaches caused by your eyeglasses and can't determine the cause then visit your optometrist since he the most qualified to help determine the cause and the solution for your headaches and the can correct any problem with your glasses that may be causing your headaches.