How to Pick the Right Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Everyone has different facial shapes. Some people have oval faces, while some have round faces. But knowing your face shape can give you a lot of help in choosing the right glasses frames to wear and can even contribute to your personality, ideal looks and features which you desire. Let's learn how we can match the best glasses frames for our face and personality and take care of it!

The Classic Square Frame: The classic square frame is the most popular shape for men's eyeglasses. It suits any type of haircuts such as short, medium, long or bald. This is being the most common face shaped among all males in the world. The round shape that you have does not mean that it's a disadvantage for you to wear square frame glasses. It totally depends on your own preference. What you need to do is finding the right geometry that can perfectly match with your face and lifestyle.

The Rectangular Frame: This is a type of eyeglasses which is more suitable with female faces than male faces. It is said that for the men, the rectangular frame are more like a statement. But for the ladies, the round shape can be more suitable than square face because it creates a softer look.

The Single-Bridge Frames: This type of eyeglasses is suitable for all face shapes. The single bridge eyeglasses are also used on people with a short nose bridge and small faces. Therefore, you don't need to worry about choosing this type of eyeglasses if you have a small nose and receding cheeks.

The Single-Taper Frames: With this kind of frames, we are talking about those who have a long nose and large faces. Those with a long nose and large faces will be lucky to choose single-taper frames. Consequently, the single-taper frames are the most popular eyeglasses among the man and woman.

The Single-Bar Frames: This kind of eyeglasses are suitable for men with long noses and small faces. But you have to make sure that the single bar frames can perfectly match your face shape. It is also said that it will create the "strong" look for the man's face and that it is more suitable for a professional appearance.

The Single-Rounded Frame: If you have finally found your dream pair of glasses; this is all you need in life. This is the eyeglasses that men can wear on their face. With such a shape, you will look elegant, sophisticated and professional.

The Round Frames: The round glasses frames are more suitable for those who have long faces. The long face is also called "the classic long face." Therefore, the round eyeglasses can fit perfectly with your eyes as well as your handsome look.

The Rectangular Frames: If you have a small face, then you may opt for rectangular eyeglasses. But this eyeglasses are not recommended for those who have a large nose bridge and receding cheeks. As we all know that it may create an impression to look "fat" and "round.

The Oval Frames: This is the most suitable eyeglasses frame for those who have a round face. The oval glasses frame is also known as the "trapezium frames." It is more suitable for those whose eyes are placed at the sides of the face. These are considered as the most expensive and special eyeglasses frames. But if you have a similar shaped faces with glasses, we highly recommend choosing this kind of eyeglasses too.

The Specialized Frames: This type of glasses is not for everyone, but for people who have unusual features on their face or one that needs to take care in public. It is commonly used for those who wear eyeglasses because of the eye illness. These eyeglasses are also categorized into many types such as "bifocals," "reading glasses," etc.

The Frames That You Should Avoid: Apart from the above shape frames, there are some specific shape that you should not pick on your face shapes if you want to look younger, fitter and healthier in your daily activities. These type of frames are very common in the market. But don't you think that you can look mature or stylish in them? You will not get what you want if you choose eyeglasses with such special designs. It is all about your face shape and your preferences.

The Elliptical Shape: The elliptical shape is also called "the oval-shaped frames." This eyeglasses are considered as the most ideal eyeglasses for women who have a round face and large eyes, but it is not suitable for the men with round faces. Why? Well, the frame size of this kind of design is too big for any boy's face and looks very fake to any male who wears it.

The Rectangular Shape: This frame is considered as the most suitable eyeglasses for those who have a rectangular face. Those who have long faces should avoid choosing the rectangular glasses frames because they will make you look older than your age and even keep you away from your favorite activities or jobs.

The Square Shape: This is not a general rule if one should choose the square frames or not, but it has been mentioned that women with round faces could wear square shaped glasses. But there is no case for men to wear such special eyeglasses frames because it will make them look heavier. If they are made of metal, they may feel uncomfortable in your eyes and nose. As we said before, you should think about your own preferences and then choose the right kind of eyeglasses frame by following the above mentioned visual guide.

Cool Tip: There is something you should do for more fashionable look on your eyeglasses. The most recommended eyeglass frames for men are the asymmetrical or double-bridge designs. What's this? Well, you will be able to see your eyebrows on one side of your face! This kind of eyeglasses will make your face more interesting, but always make sure that if you have a short nose bridge, it is not suitable for you too.

Cool Tip: In case of prescription glasses, don't forget to mention it in the shopping cart page before buying. The same goes if you want a pair of eyeglasses.

Cool Tip: When buying glasses, make sure your vision examination also includes a complete check of your eyes. The "reading glasses" are suitable for people who have very serious eye diseases and those who have just started to go the reading habit.

Cool Tip: If you have difficulties to put on eyeglasses with nose pads, you should try a pair of nose guards instead since they will help you to put any lenses so easily and quickly. Nose-guards are quite easy to carry with you, as they are usually in small sizes that can fit into your pocket or purse.