The Best Frames for Square Faces

Having a square face shape is often seen as a con when it comes to making accessories match your face shape. On the contrary, square shaped faces give off a uniquely beautiful look. The sharp jawline enhances the attraction of facial features. Now, combine that with a frame that matches, and you’ll look simply flawless.

It might be trouble experimenting with which type of specs best suit your face shape.To makes it easier for you, we have brought to you the top 3 picks that would make this decision easy for you.

Round Glasses

Round glasses are the perfect pick when it comes to choosing eyewear for square shaped faces. Let us do the math. Rectangle shaped frames suit oval and round faces the most, right? Then it’s common sense that round glasses would definitely suit square faces. Try going for a thin frame that is not too small. You don’t want to be looking like Harry Potter in 2020. As for the color, no matter which color you choose, it would suit you. The main aspect to keep in mind is the shape of the frame, which is round.

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are perhaps the most universal type when it comes to eyewear. They match with any outfit on any person of any face shape. There’s no denying they contribute a great deal to the overall look of a person. The most common shape of browline glasses is rounded-squares. This is more like a mixture of round and square glasses that would look great on every face shape, squares are included! We recommend that you take advantage while the trend of browline glasses is still around.

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses are another choice to keep in mind. If you’re not satisfied with fully round glasses, then oval glasses are the way to go. We advise you to go for a thick frame with a dark color that would complete your facial features. Your jawline’s sharpness would be balanced by the circular shape of your specs. The recommended oval frame should have a bold thick frame. Since a thin frame would not balance well with your sharp intricate facial features.


Having a sharp jawline never means that you have to compromise on your eyewear. There are tons of choices out there that you can choose from. The above-mentioned types are generally best for people having square shaped faces. As for the color, we advise you to go for dark and bold colors instead of going for transparent or light shaded frames. The reason behind that is round glasses are best in dark colors. Remember, glasses are one of the most noticed and crucial elements in your appearance. It is necessary that you choose the type that best suits your face. So, those were our top picks of best frames for square shaped faces. We hope you benefit from our recommendations and grab everyone’s attention through your attractive taste in eyewear.