Which Glasses are perfect for Round Face Shape?

If you also have a round face, then you have come to the right place! Are you looking for the best eyeglasses for your round face? Come and take a look behind the logical scientific explanation of which glasses might suit you the most. Finding the right pair of stylish eyepiece to have a wardrobe statement can be a bit tricky. Here is a guide that will help you find the ideal frame you are searching for a round face.

Identify your face shape:

To bring out your unique and beautiful face contours and cuts, you need to choose the perfect frame that enhances the rest of your features. If you know your face shape, then you can easily decide which type of glasses will suit you the most.

There isn’t much difference between a square-shaped face and a round face, which identifies yours a bit tricky. A round face has softer face cuts with a more circular shape with the same horizontal length and vertical length, followed by round cheeks and a curved jaw.

Frames those are not suitable for a round face

A general principle to remember would be that the following three types of frames are not for round shaped faces:

  1. Brown line frames
  2. Small frames
  3. Oval frames

These frames tend to highlight your face's curves, but if you feel at ease with these frames, then feel free to wear them.

Which frame shapes are ideal for a round face?

There are many frames available for both men and women widely across the globe. We have listed below some of the most famous and popular ones:

  1. Square shaped frames:
    These frames are considered to be the most suitable and perfect option for round faces. These frames make your face look more slim and long without accentuating your curvy face. They also make your features, which appear soft, more profound.
  2. Rectangular
    For those who want additional contouring, these wide style glasses serve the best with similar characteristics as square-shaped frames (make a face look longer and thin).
  3. Geometric
    These types of frames create some sharp and defined lines on a round face to provide a more proportionate look.
  4. Clear
    These glasses have a semi-transparent tint but are not quite visible when you are standing far away. This helps see clearly visualize the soft features of a round face.
  5. Cat-eye
    These glasses shift the attention from your curvy cheeks to your attractive pair of glasses. The shadow provides a lifting effect making a face look thinner.

The same directives can be followed while selecting sunglasses.

We hope this information helps you select the best pair of eyeglasses for yourself despite which shape of face you have. Know the correct face shape and easily select your perfect pair of eyeglasses.