Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Allergies

Many people are not aware of how disturbing coping with an eye allergy is. It takes away the solace out of your day. Especially when it is dawn the spring season. The Spring season is more like allergy season for many people.

On one side, you want to cherish the spring shenanigans and let the warmth soothe you.

On the other hand, you are going to greet the seasonal allergens through your eyes. This can be uncomfortable and sweeps you away, even from running day-to-day errands. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology estimates that up to 30% of adults and around 40% of US children are affected by seasonal allergies.

Did you know that the biggest culprit that fuels spring allergies is pollen? Our body mistakenly considers pollen as harmful. Pollination is a common phenomenon in the spring season. The immune system attempts to protect the body by releasing cells called histamine into the bloodstream. Histamine leads to itchy, watery and red eyes. It leads to swollen eyelids as well (also known as Allergic Conjunctivitis).

Eye allergies occur due to a variety of other factors as well. Most allergies are caused by airborne allergens. These factors include eye's contact with dust, mould and pet dander. Pollution is a significant factor too. It can also occur as a result of reactions to certain eye cosmetics and teardrops. These cosmetics and makeup contain preservatives.

All the factors play there a role, but the major factor still is the pollen or dust. We need to be considerate in this regard and prevent exposure to these allergens. It seems like these allergies are inevitable. However, do not worry at all. There are ways you can prevent your eyes from these allergens and freely enjoy the perks of the spring season.

Below stated are some useful tips for you to prevent eye allergies. These tips are in perfect alignment with COVID SOPs as well. This way, you can prevent two things.

Watch your Hands

Our hands are exposed to all kinds of bacteria on various surfaces and allergens. We need to wash our hands throughout the day multiple times. Regular hand-cleaning can wash away the pollen. Avoid touching your eyes first but if you need to, make sure your hands are washed and clean. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing can lead to a greater release of histamine. This can propagate itchiness and redness.

Take a Break from Contact Lenses

Give your eyes a break from contact lenses. The surface of contact lenses can act as a magnet for pollen. Pollen can stick to these contact lenses and can cause fatal reactions to the eyes. Do not use them regularly.

Use Eye Friendly Cosmetics and Products

We all need to be considerate in our choice of cosmetics and eye products. Make sure they are eye-friendly and do not include any harmful preservatives, chemicals or ingredients. There are many eye-friendly drops available, which can help you to regularly flush your eyes of dust, pollen and other allergens. You can use antihistamine drops too. They can aid a lot to control histamine impact. Consult experts in this regard.

Use Sunglasses

We cannot stress much on this way of preventing allergen exposure to the eyes. Sunglasses are the ultimate eye savers. Sunglasses can be your shield of vital defence against pollen and allergens. Sunglasses can also help you to prevent your eyes from UV sun rays. Sunglasses can add a perfect kick to your style as well.

Maintain Hair Hygiene

Our hairs can be home to multiple allergens. These allergens include dust, pollen and many kinds of bacteria. Make sure you regularly wash, brush and clean your hairs. Pollen can easily linger in your hair. Maintaining hair hygiene is a prerequisite for healthy living too.

There you go, now you have the tips to easily prevent eye allergies. If you are not relived, do consult a specialist. Enjoy your spring season festivities!