How to Make Your Eye Glasses More Comfortable and Stop Them from Hurting Your Nose?

Eye glasses are designed to help you see better and for many people wearing glasses all day every day is necessary to their vision and overall eye health. However, occasionally those eye glasses can be uncomfortable and actually hurt your nose or other places on your face. Here are some tips for making your eye glasses more comfortable and stop them from hurting your nose. Here are a few things you need to do to increase the comfort of your eye glasses.

Purchase Lighter Weight Glasses

When first buying a new pair of glasses, you may want to buy a light weight pair of glasses that will place less pressure on your nose which is where most of the weight of glasses rest.

Adjusting the Nose Pads on Your Glasses

More often than not, ill fitting nose pads is the cause of those indents on your nose and the pain your nose feels when wearing glasses for any length of time. Adjusting the nose pads on your glasses can make your eye glasses more comfortable for you. If the glasses are too high on your face and pinching the bridge of your nose then you can widen the nose pads by pushing them further apart. (Plastic nose pads built into the frame need to be heated first.)

If the glasses fit too low on your nose then pinching the nose pads together can help your glasses fit more comfortably.

Eye Glass Socks

Eye glass socks are weighted little knitted pieces that slide over the ends of your glass arms and takes the weight off your nose. These work well for heavier glasses since they balance the weight more evenly taking some of the pressure off the front of the glasses.

Adjusting the Ear Pieces

Sometimes it is not the nose pads that is causing the discomfort, but rather the fact that the bows of your glasses or ear pieces fit a bit too tightly. In these cases adjusting the ear pieces or bows of the glasses can relieve some the pressure off your ears or the sides of your face and result in a more comfortable pair of eye glasses.

Irritation at the Temples

Metal framed glasses can sometimes cause irritation right at the temples especially when you perspire. If this the case, then coating the inside of the arms of your glasses with clear nail polish can prevent irritation from developing when your glasses for long periods of time.

While there are quite a few ways you can adjust your eye glasses on your on for a more comfortable fit or to stop your glasses from hurting your nose, if you continue to suffer discomfort when wearing your glasses, then seek help from the place where your purchased your eye glasses and get a professional adjustment to ensure that your glasses are fitting properly and are comfortable to wear.