Top Sunglasses Trends Approved by Celebrities

Every celebrity has their own taste when it comes to eyewear. You will notice that almost every celebrity running daytime errands has a pair of sunglasses on, mainly because sunglasses can add to the style effortlessly. People who wear sunglasses know that it is a staple in fashion and completes the overall look. Following are some sunglasses trends that are endorsed by celebrities.

Air Heart Sunglasses

An oversized pair of air heart sunglasses seems to do the job for the duchess Meghan Markle. The effortlessly chic air heart sunglasses are a true fashion statement for many celebrities. Meghan has been seen sporting this frame multiple times.

Classic Wayfarer

The very iconic wayfarer is the go-to choice for many celebrities. These frames have been popular since the 50s and associated with Ray-Ban. This frame has been a favorite for Tom Cruise as he has been spotted rocking the pair of sunglasses quite often.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The black cat eye sunglasses or ‘lolita’ sunglasses have a retro touch to them. These shades became famous because of the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Numerous celebrities now wear very chic and feminine sunglasses, even with a casual look. Emily Ratajkowski is known for her timeless street style, which is never complete without a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.

Tinted LensesSunglasses

The new trend has been the tiny sunglasses with tinted lenses, which are a top favorite for models like the duo Gigi and Bella Hadid. These tinted lenses were extremely popular in the 90s and are now making a huge comeback. The candy-colored Pantone lenses can be matched with the color of your outfit, completing the look with aesthetics.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses can be varied with different colored lenses but look best with black lenses, adding a grunge look to it. These sunglasses can be seen on Mary Kate Olsen. Round frames were a trend in 2020 not only limited to sunglasses but also daily wear eyeglasses. The vintage round glasses are a good option when opting for a new pair of sunglasses.

Embellished Sunglasses

If you are tired of wearing plain frames, then embellished sunglasses are the ones for you. Be it glitter or pearls; embellished frames can be bedazzled to look perfect. The inspiration for embellished sunglasses is Olivia Palermo. Her fashion statement is a stylish pair of embellished sunglasses.

Clear Frames

Clear frames seem to do the trick with every outfit. You can wear any color of outfit without worrying to match your sunglasses with them. These sunglasses are loved by Emma Roberts and many other celebrities. This frame can be rocked by anyone with any face shape, regardless of gender.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators were originally designed for pilots hence the name 'aviators,' but you don't necessarily need to be a pilot to sport this frame as it is extremely popular and loved by many. Jennifer Lopez can be seen with Aviators on multiple occasions. Many other celebrities opt for this iconic design.

Sunglasses are undoubtedly a crucial accessory in the fashion industry. Those were some trends that our favorite celebrities endorsed. If you ever feel like these trends are outdated, think again!