How to Bend Plastic Glasses Frames to Fit Your Face?

Plastic eye glasses are lightweight and come in several great colors, which is why many people choose plastic frames for glasses. However, sometimes those plastic frames do not fit properly on your face and may need to be adjusted. Most needed adjustments to your plastic glasses frames is due to a poor fit in one of three places.

  • Nose pad
  • Temple area
  • Over the ear area

Luckily it is possible to bend your plastic frames so that they better fit your face. All you need is a little heat and little pressure to bend those plastic eye glass frames. Here is how to bend those frames in different areas to better fit you face.

Bending Those Nose Pads

If your plastic glasses have plastic nose pads built right into the glasses. You can adjust those nose pads by using a hair dryer to heat the nose pads and either apply a little pressure to move the nose pads closer together or further apart.

Move them closer together if the glasses are sliding too far down on your nose and push them apart if the nose pads are sitting too high on your nose. Once you have adjust the nose pads cool them down with cold water in order to set the pads in place.

Glasses are Too Tight at Your Temples

If the bows of your glasses are too tight at your temples and causing discomfort you can bend this portion of the glasses slightly away from your face to relieve the pressure. To properly bend the plastic glasses frame near your temple follow these simple steps:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and mark where the glasses are too tight.
  2. Take off the glasses and either run them under hot water or use a hair dryer soften the plastic
  3. Carefully press on the marked place from the inside to move the frame out from the area.
  4. After adjusting the frame use cold water to set the new position of the frames.
  5. Try on the glasses to check the fit. If the glasses are still too tight at the temples adjust again.

Over the Ear Area

The arm of your glasses bends slightly over the ear area to help hold the glasses on your face when you tilt your head down. Occasionally, the place over the ear are bent too much or not enough making the glasses fit improperly. On plastic frames you can re-bend the arms to fit properly around your ears so they neither rub against the ears nor allow the glasses to slip off you face. Follow these steps to adjust the arms over the ears.

  1. Heat the arm of the glasses where they bend over the ears.
  2. Straighten out the existing bend and using cool water set the arm.
  3. Now place the glasses on your face and mark where you need to bend the arm around you ears.
  4. Heat the area where you plan to make the new bend in the arm.
  5. Bend the arm so there is a slight curve behind the ear.
  6. Use cold water to the set the new bend.

If the new fit is comfortable you are good to go.