Is It Normal For New Glasses To Make You Dizzy?

Whether you are getting eyeglasses for the very first time or are simply getting a stronger prescription than you have been wearing for the last couple of years you may feel somewhat dizzy whenever you wear your new glasses.

Many people feel the dizziness is due to an error in the prescription, and while an error can cause you to be dizzy when wearing the glasses, it is also perfectly natural for new glasses that are the right prescription can make you feel dizzy as well.

Why New Glasses May Make You Feel Dizzy

When you have poor vision and get new glasses that corrects your vision this automatically results in your perception of the objects around you. Some objects will appear closer, others may appear further away, while still others may appear brighter. This causes you to become slightly disoriented and that can result in those feelings of dizziness.

In some cases that dizziness can also be accompanied by feeling of nausea which may make you tend to wear your glasses less often that you should.

Mild dizziness most often occurs in people who get new glasses when they have astigmatism, or with a lens correction or with progressive lens correction but can occur any time you get a pair of new glasses.

Another reason why you may feel dizzy is because the prescription is best in the dead center of the the lens of your glasses. If the glasses sit to high or two low on your nose then you may not be looking through the center of the frame, which may result in that dizzy feeling. Adjusting the glasses so they fit properly on your face and you are looking through the center of the lens may help relieve that feeling of dizziness.

The Dizziness May Be All In Your Head

The cause of this dizziness is all in the brain, since it takes the brain some time to adjust to the perceptual changes and reorient your sense of balance.

When you wear your glasses the number of hours you should it normally takes 2 weeks or less for you brain to adjust and the dizziness to go away.

If you are still feeling dizzy 3 weeks after wearing your glasses continuously you need to return to your ophthalmologist to have your glasses refitted to ensure that you have the right prescription.

So while not everyone who gets new glasses experience dizziness, a good many people do. The good news is that that dizzy feeling won't last forever and will go away leaving you seeing clearer than before you got your new glasses.

So if you got new glasses and are feeling dizzy rest assure that this is a normal and natural condition that simply means your glasses are helping you to see better and you brain is simply adjusting to the improvement in your vision.